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Red Alert: I am Pregnant

Always feels like vomiting? Craving for unusual foods? Breast tenderness and enlargement? Enlarged abdomen? You might me experiencing these things but you still do not mind until you realized that you’ve missed your menstruation period! You are pregnant, pretty woman! Being pregnant is one of the most fulfilling events that can happen to a woman. It is also something that brings excitement and ‘ into the family. That is why it is important to have the right and sufficient knowledge on how to have a safe pregnancy and to keep your baby healthy. You might be asking yourself some questions like, “How pregnant am I?”, ”How far along am I in my pregnancy?”, “What foods do I need to eat?”, and more.
Each pregnant woman should know what is happening to them and to their baby every pregnancy day. They should have knowledge about their pregnancy issues and how to handle it well from conception until the birth of the baby. But sometimes because of having a lot of work, problems or simply ignorance, some moms do not discover at the right time that they are already pregnant. Or worse, they only discover it during the There are simple ways and methods that you can use to answer your question, “How pregnant am I?”
So to answer a very important pregnancy question, “How pregnant am I?”, here are some tips that can help you so you will know how many weeks pregnant you are and when is your pregnancy due date. First, you have to determine when is the first day of your last menstruation cycle is. You can use a pregnancy calculator online to make this easier for you. Then determine also the average lengths of your cycles. If you are not sure, just make 28 days as default. Or you can consult your OB-gynecologist to be sure. Then you would know when the conception and the due date of your baby are. Prenatal visits are crucial for your baby and to yourself. Moreover, it will provide you the necessary knowledge that you need to know regarding your pregnancy such as the activities you have to avoid, the food that you have to eat and those that you should not eat.
So visit the nearest gynecologist in your neighborhood and consult your pregnancy issues right away. Remember that prenatal is very important for your baby’s future. Have a healthy and happy pregnancy!

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