When to Take a Pregnancy Test

Most ladies who have never been pregnant are always confused about when to take a pregnancy test. This is usually the case in the lives of   new brides and young ladies who are just new in the pregnancy business.  Some other women who have been pregnant in the past may also worry about when to take the next pregnant test especially if they are not properly taught on the previous pregnancy attempts they had.

In any case, taking a pregnancy test should never been a thing of worry if you know exactly what to do.  You have to consider taking a pregnancy test once you begin to notice some changes in your body system especially after you must have had various sexual encounters with your man over a period of time.

The very best time to take a pregnancy test is when you begin to notice a clear cut delay on your menstrual cycle.  Ordinarily, your menstrual cycle ought to run on monthly basis if you’re not pregnant.   The cycle ceases automatically once you have taken in. you need to rush down for a pregnancy test once you notice the menstrual period refuses to run in the next available month.  However, it’s necessary to state here that, the stoppage of menstrual cycle is not only limited to pregnancy.  Other body illnesses and conditions can cause a delay in the menstrual cycle. But one thing is sure! Once you’re pregnant, the cycle ceases to run. So, it’s always important to go for a pregnancy test once you notice a delay in your menstruation.  You have to go for the test on the first or second day when the menstrual cycle ought to run.

You can begin by conducting the normal home test. It’s always important to have a quality home pregnancy test kit on ground. This helps you to detect early signs of pregnancy before heading to the hospital.  The home test is usually done with the very first morning urine you pass out.  This usually gives better results regarding pregnancy.  The home test tries to detect the presence of   the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG.) hormone which is usually present in the urine once pregnancy has occurred.  Once you notice the presence of this hormone, just know that you’re already pregnant.

After the home test, the next step you have to take is to consult a medical laboratory for the normal pregnancy test.  This is very important especially when you begin to notice lots of changes in your body system.  You can as well meet a well trained gynecologist for the test.   If you’ve performed your home test well, the medical lab test ought to be a confirmation of what you saw in the home test.  However, the medical lab test is the most trusted means of checking if you’re pregnant or not.  It’s always important to consult well trained medical personnel to carry out the test.  With this test properly completed, you’ll be properly assured of the actual state of your pregnancy.